About Us


Casalindaa Design is a team of two people from Turkey , promoting different brands all over the world. We work with all the major websites in the world to increase your sales and value.

  • Putting through fashion brands and international websites  “Flash sales” organization online, via office and marketing solutions
  • Management of 20 brands, from leads to existing accounts
  • Cross-sectoral management: purchase area, price negotiation, logistics, after-sales, planification
  • Development of other distribution channels (retail, export, offline sales) on the behalf of these clients

Manufacture of apparel and accessories with impulse selling across all the majors in the industry as well as brick and mortar traditional.

■ Leverage a blend of consultative, sales and relationship building acumen acquiring and managing key accounts while driving their sales through creative. innovative and high margin product lines that company offers.

■ Cultivate long-term relationships with existing retail accounts with notifications of the product line and new offerings

■ Render strategic and leadership capabilities in devising and executing robust departmental policies and procedures with a focus on driving sales and new revenue streams, and fostering strategic partnership

■ Promote product sales and delivery by training internal sales staff to excel in service practices while verifying product quality and price

■ Formulate, maintain, and review weekly selling reports to evaluate current merchandise strategies.

■ Develop and execute against a comprehensive account planogram based on industry.

■ Manage contract negotiations, tactfully closing new deals with prospects and existing accounts


Beauty, quality, practicality – these are the simple elements that our team brings to Casalindaa Design products.

Casalindaa Design is a dream come true – putting our imaginative imprint on objects that enrich life and find their way into the interior we design.

Many of our products are hand-made, using natural stone and semi precious stone ,silver,gold other fine quality materials – designs sometimes inspired by clients themselves.

We combine traditional production methods with sophisticated industrial techniques that give craftsmanship the value it deserves – before it threatens to disappear.

With Casalindaa Design, the ideas, design and production go hand-in-hand, fostering a collective spirit that reflects itself in the entire range of our creations. You will see it in our jewellery,semi precious stone,silver collections,gold,peals, accessories. New designers – welcome!

We care about time and fashion. We design the hand made, consistently opposed to the idea of disposable consumer habits. We intend our collections to gain value over time due to our selection to the finest materials.

Also in our Casalindaa Designs Plus project, the all-important two-way communication with clients ensures unique design – finely detailed and free of charge.

A new way of life with Casalindaa Design – the winning line.